Our hiring process

Our hiring process

Getting started

We post all Bombardier job openings in Germany on this website, so we encourage you to use the handy job search tools found at the bottom of this page to explore our current openings. 

If you find a position that interests you, register and apply directly online.

Don’t see anything that interests you? Why not register your profile in our system? Each time a new position fitting your qualifications and requirements becomes available, we’ll email you an invitation to apply for it.

From application to offer — an ongoing conversation

Each step of the hiring process at Bombardier is an opportunity for us to continue the dialogue you started when you applied for a position with us. So, whether your application is moving on to the next step of the hiring process or not, we’ll keep you informed by email or with a phone call.

Start the conversation! Search our job openings and apply today!

Our application process for a training course or a dual study program

  • Application for a training course or a dual study programme

    Once you have orientated yourself as regards your future profession, it's time to take the next step – the application process. This starts with the submission of your complete CV by e-mail or post.

    What do we consider necessary for a complete application?

    • Cover letter
    • Cover sheet (optional)
    • CV (photo optional)
    • At least the last two references/certificates
    • Evaluations, certificates, a sample of your work or other forms of verification

    After submission, applications will be considered according to the defined criteria for the respective training vocations. At this point, rejections or invitations to our applicant selection day can be sent out.

    On the applicant selection day at our recruitment centre, we get to know you personally and also get a first impression of the possible outlook for future training.

    In addition to a good preparation for this day, you can expect various oral tasks, e.g. a presentation of yourself, and a written recruitment test. This entails questions about the company and questions relating to mathematics, physics and the English language.

    If you successfully complete the applicant selection day, the next stage is the application interview.

    In this interview you will again have the opportunity to demonstrate your motivation, your personality and the subject-related knowledge which you already possess.

    If you prove convincing in the interview, then the signing of the training contract follows soon after.

    Find out more about the vocational training courses and dual study programs which we offer. 

    Please send your application to

    the contact persons for training courses and dual study programmes at our locations. 

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